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NA Last Black Ops Game

Comments Comments (0) By England sh@de in Clan News on Monday 10 September @ 10:56

wuc clan news

Well we played our last competive Black ops game in the ATI league as a clan with what i call the original line up Beans,Ice,lexi,New member Waffles and myself with only realy pin killa so2 drockz and swift Cmonchix and zephi missing it was nice to go out on a win.

And being it was HC it was learning curve for us, but we did have fun and enjoy it.

We did make some new friends and Clans 1 being FRAG nice bunch people we offerd the chance to merge with them and as we stuggled to get a team up for the later games on ATI was a great idea. one whitch i was all geared up to do with Ice Beans and And Waffles, but after playing CSGO and with 5ppl asking if we were going to play it I have decided to Keep NA open
But we have Lost Ice Beans and Waffles To frag it was only Fair to them as players and friends that they be given the chance to game with a Clan not struggling to find the players to makea team.
They have played with NA through the good and bad , They will all ways be members of NA and will always be welcome here



Comments Comments (0) By England sh@de in Clan News on Monday 10 September @ 10:28

wuc clan news

Well it been awhile Since i posted anything on the site But We off NA are going down a new route which is csgo now never having played any of the CS game this is a new learning curve for me and those of us who will be playing CSGO.

To Start us of i have entered us in the Edom 2v2 mix cup with Pin and Killa playing
This is due to take place on the 15/09/2012 with me down as reserve.

ESL 5on5 Search and Destroy Cup #2 (Xkmod)

Comments Comments (1) By England sh@de in Clan News on Friday 08 July @ 20:33

wuc clan news

I Have entered us in to a cup on ESL on the 13th using XKmod 2.5
so those who are free please enter name

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